Request a Workshop at The Jacquard Center

Laurie at her loom

Residencies or Workshop requests are designed to extend the possibilities at The Jacquard Center.

Workshop Request:

This option is available to those who want to come to The Jacquard Center for a workshop to focus on a special topic or when the regular workshops do not meet their schedule.

The daily schedule is the same as a regularly scheduled workshop.

9-12 Lunch 1-5

The fee schedule is set up for a minimum of 4 participants.

5 day workshop= $750.00 per participant + room fees if the participants stay at The Jacquard Center.


The residency at The Jacquard Center is designed to provide individuals with supported time with the TC2 in the well appointed studio. This option is available to those who have taken a workshop or can operate independently with the TC2. A residency can be an opportunity to work on a commission, or collaboration. Residencies are offered thru an application process. Applicants should have a plan or proposal that is achievable for the time allotted.

The fee structure is set up for 2 participants.

5 days= $1500.00 per participant + room fees.

10 days= $3000.00 per participant + room fees.

The suggested daily schedule includes morning meetings and afternoon check-ins as well as on call or on-going support.

The following dates in Summer 2109 are available for Residency or Workshop Requests:

June 10-15

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