Spring Updates for The Jacquard Center

I have just returned from The Jacquard Center in Hendersonville. Spring is making valiant attempts to impress all down there. Locals complained about the coolness of the air, but as I sit looking out my window in Michigan today, I am not sure what they are talking about. 

A view from the Deck of The Jacquard Center

A view from the Deck of The Jacquard Center

Planning forges ahead!  The studio space is being readied.  We are putting in place the best practices we have learned and/or developed to make The Jacquard Studio truly elevating to your work and working methods. I realize this reads a little "infomercially".  Here is what it means for me. I will have the shuttles,  the bobbins, the pirns, the scissors, the warping tools, the texts, the riggings for threads, and etc in place, so you can see  and learn how I or "we do it".  (You can bring your favorite tools with you, of course.)

As far as I can tell, the TC2 at The Jacquard Center will have the highest warp density in the country available to weave. 105 epi. When students arrive, the loom will be warped and ready to go.

Here is what I know so far:

  • The warp will be combed, gassed mercerized cotton in natural at 105 ends per inch.
  • We will have a limited number of fantastic yarns available for purchase by the oz. in addition to some basic, readily available yarns for wefts.

I have been updating the website when there is a registration.