In Progress

Home again for a couple of weeks to catch up, pick up, lay low and lay down.

There is a residual energy, the kind that is good for short lists, and small tasks, folding laundry and looking back. Since I started this writing a couple of days ago, I can already feel my mind again turning forward....only slowly.

The beginning of things have so much imagined color, so many rays of light reaching forward. The present is barely felt.  What was it that we all experienced together? 

So this would be a recap.

The loom arrived at  the studio on Tuesday.  Arriving under the threat of rain, the weight of the tool surprising all but one. The layers and panels and piles were shifted here and there. The curiosity,  endurance, and cooperation filled the space and gave way finally to the moment when it seemed that not much more could be offered. Next steps began Tuesday evening.

The beaming that followed, called for that special form of presence. The long form. No time for errors. No rushing, no pushing, no stopping.

It is what it is- as always. 

Threading required the act of giving in and giving over and pushing thru until there was no more to do. Each movement repeated 3080 times, unique in execution every time. That was completed on Friday evening. Denting the reed followed.  The schedule was tighter than we planned, as always.  Is it ever the case that construction and the 10,000 details that accompany  are concluded when we plan for them to be? Ever? 

Although I felt I wasn't ready, texts began to make my phone chirp Sunday afternoon.

What had once been a view thru the periscope, had now become the room within which to dwell.