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Workshop III- Warping Methods - 9 day Intensive

This is the first topical workshop at The Jacquard Center. Students will work together to warp the TC2 from start to finish for 2 warp beams. The first 4-5 days will focus on methods and processes and practices for winding, beaming, and tying on. The goal is to give students the opportunity to practice this very important and satisfying piece of the work. The remaining days will be spent working with the 2 warps using a variety of constructions. For example: double weave, or taquete and lampas.

To register: Click on the “Register” button above on this page.

Current Enrollment: 1 SPOT AVAILABLE

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Workshop Fees:

$1250.00 for 9 day workshop is due at the time of booking. You will not be registered until your registration is PAID IN FULL. Click on the “Register” button above. Fill out the form then I will send you an invoice. Paying by credit cards or PayPal incurs an additional fee. Checks or Email/money transfer are free. Once I have received your fees, I'll send you an email letting you know.

Unfortunately, I cannot "hold your place" until payment is received. 

Refunds can be given for cancellations when notification is received at least 1 month before the first day of the workshop. After this, can refund your fee if a substitute student enrolls less a $10.00 admin/bank fee.

Please Note: Workshops with fewer than 4 participants will be cancelled 1 month prior to the scheduled dates. All participants will be notified and course and accommodation fees returned.

Accommodation at The Jacquard Center :

$80.00/$90.00/$100.00 per night

Payment for accommodations is due at the time of booking

For more information- see "The Living Space" page on this website.

Class times:

Monday - Friday

This class will also meet on Saturday and Sunday.

9:00- 12:00 & 1:00- 5:00 Daily.

On Friday June 28th: Tour of the Oriole Mill - usually at 1:00.

Course ends at 4:00 on Thursday July 4th.

About the Workshop:

  This workshop is designed to address the questions, and issues that arise while warping a longer, finer warp. Rather than rushing through this very important part of the weaving process and dealing with the consequences - we will examine the steps and tools and methods in order to find the most suitable approach. This workshops is suitable for all levels. Once the loom is warped, I'll teach with Photoshop to develop loom files for double weave and other constructions that utilize multiple warps on the TC2.  Training is flexible and can conform to the experience and interests of the participants.  Class size is limited to 4-5 to allow participants maximum loom time. Loom access is available 24 hrs at The Jacquard Center.

Content for the weaving part of the course can include: 

General introduction

Focus on specific weaves structures or methods for creating compelling, intriguing outcomes. 

Help with a particular project.

Arrangements for course content can be made when you register so the necessary curricular documents can be prepared. If there is no preference, I have a curriculum prepared that begins with a general introduction. 

All workshops include handouts and relevant photoshop demo files. Every workshop will include discussions about warp densities, loom set up, winding, warping, weaving, and finishing where applicable.

Students must bring a laptop with Photoshop installed. The Jacquard Center will have some weft materials and a variety of shuttles and necessary tools in the studio. Other materials should be supplied by the students if desired. 

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